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There’s always that moment when you can be tempted to fall in love with what you don’t have (especially when it is all remodeled, painted beautifully and professional staged and yours is still in its awkward not-staged or painted phase), looking at houses also affirms that we made the right choice for us. We have a long way to go to make our house feel the way we want it to, but we love our house and know it’s going to be everything we need. Last week we did a little rearranging in our living room and dining room. I was just ready for a change, or more like it, I was just ready to feel settled. I kept putting off rearranging the room because I wanted to paint the room and deal with the fireplace first, but I’m trying to not wait for perfect conditions! I didn’t feel like the living room or dining rooms were as cozy as I wanted them to be, so moving furniture around seemed like a no-risk way to try something new. I’m still toying with the idea of painting our fireplace (or regrouping it) as a low budget improvement or a first step makeover (see some painted fireplace inspiration photos and my own fireplace here), but I knew the furniture arrangement could make a difference in the room now, so there was no reason to wait. To get started, we moved our glass door cabinet to the dining room. It made sense that it would be in the dining room, but for some reason we previously determined it was going to be too big for that room. We also had thought we needed to have that piece in our living room to hold lamps, since that room doesn’t have any overhead lights. But, we decided to just try moving it and see what would happen. I’m so glad we did, we immediately LOVED it in there! I’ll show you the dining room arrangement in another post. Without that cabinet on the wall, we were free to try a new arrangement. However, without that cabinet, we really didn’t have much furniture. Our leather sofa felt a bit small as a main sofa for this room, so we pulled a few chairs around to simulate what it might feel like if we got a new larger sofa (one of the potential hazards of rearranging is when you discover that you actually don’t have the pieces you need, ha).We wanted to make our living room cozy and comfortable, but also open and inviting. The goal is to orient this space around the view, but also to center the furniture around conversation. It’s tricky when you have more than one objective. Originally we tried our leather sofa facing the fireplace to be cozy and put the cabinet against the only full wall, but it just felt closed off and not really welcoming. But surprisingly, when we set up a new sofa simulation with chairs facing the view, and put the leather sofa back where it was before facing the fireplace, the arrangement felt perfect. Not closed off, but cozy and inviting while still fully incorporating the view as a main focal point. It all felt right. All it took was a new “sofa” against the wall. :) A chair angled at the fireplace toward the sofas will complete the conversation area. We’ve lived with this arrangement for a few days and so far, we love it. We still need lamps, tables and a new sofa, but now we can at least visualize what we want. We’ve found a couple of potential sofa options already and can’t wait to continue making our living room a really comfortable space!